What is the C12 Group?

The C12 Group is a national network of local 10-15 member groups comprised of Christian business owners and CEOs who are committed to applying Biblical principles to their plans and operations through the proprietary C12 curriculum and the facilitation of a professional chair.  All C12 chairs are full time and operate for-profit enterprises engaging the same best in class principles we encourage for each of our members.  After all, of what value are the principles if C12 isn't following its own advice?  This allows them to focus on the needs of their groups, thereby delivering greater value for the member companies.

"You Don't Know What You Don't Know."

The old saying is true, isn't it? If you're like many other Christian business owners and CEOs, the longer you're in business the more you realize there's much to learn about operating an enterprise as unto the Lord. The constant pull of day-to-day demands can quickly submerge you in the operations of the firm, leaving little time to surface for sustained focus on long-term best practices vital to the health of your organization. 


The Wisdom of Lifelong Learning

Regardless of your current situation, whether coasting along in relative comfort or frantically gasping for help, a commitment to "continual learning" is the hallmark of a business leader that is serious about improvement. Imagine the advantages of regularly engaging:

  1. A talented and experienced personal advisory board of like-minded Christian Business Owners and CEOs, all committed to your personal, business and eternal success.

  2. An integrated series of monthly resources with the accountability to focus on the most important (not just urgent) issues in your work and life.
  3. A trustworthy facilitator/coach committed to ensuring that this process takes place in the context of contemporary "best practices," filtered through the eternal wisdom of Scripture. 
A Platform for Growth
Since 1992, the C12 Group has helped hundreds of Christian business owners and CEOs take their firms to the next level by focusing on the timeless truths of Scripture. Make no mistake, this isn't merely another Bible study or prayer group! The C12 approach is all about growing thriving, profitable businesses. After all, it's hard to build a platform for ministry if your business can't keep its doors open!

What's in a Name?

"C12" is derived from Christ's discipleship model...the twelve disciples. This number of participants enables members to get to know each other on a deep, personal level, fostering an atmosphere of authenticity and transparency achieved over time.


Thinking it Over

Of course, C12 is not for every business. But it may be for you. Think it over: what is the value of:

  • One Good Idea?  Just one idea generated and applied, or one decision made, in each month’s C12 process yields a tremendous return on the time and cost of membership.
  • One Life Redeemed for Eternity?  C12 member companies are privileged to see stakeholders come to saving faith, discipleship, and service in Christ! Aside from the works of regeneration, many others are better served by applied Christian leadership that works!

As you continue to look through this website, prayerfully consider visiting a C12 group.