How C12 Works

Are You Working ON it or IN it?

To some Christian business owners and CEOs, setting aside one day per month for focused, intentional business development may seem like overkill. To others, one day a month barely scratches the surface of the sustained effort required for lasting, quality growth. Regardless of your perception, there's no denying that few business leaders spend adequate time working ON their businesses rather than IN their businesses. 


Many business leaders feel tethered to the office, unable step aside for even a day per month to work on the principles, operations and systems so critical to their leadership and organizational success. After all, it's not difficult to mistake busyness for progress. It's in this busyness that many Christian owners and CEOs fail to strategically develop their people, business, products, markets and outreach with long-term purpose and vision in mind. That's where the C12 Group comes in.


Yes, There is a Better Way

C12 enables Christian business owners and CEOs to "get above the fray" for a day each month to spend quality time improving their businesses. The proven C12 Process results in a breakthrough for most business leaders/owners, as they systematically think through and apply "best practice" concepts with other group members.


C12’s extensive, seven-year curriculum is made up of highly-targeted materials developed by Christian CEOs for Christian CEOs. Combined with carefully-selected supplemental resources and affiliates, the C12 segments often result in sharply-enhanced general management and leadership. 


The C12 Experience

All C12 groups meet one full day per month, generally consisting of 12-14 Christian business owners and CEOs. The meetings are led by a full-time Area Chair, with cutting edge exercises, who takes the group through a proprietary and incisive, seven-year curriculum developed by C12.


The meetings are divided into structured segments:

  1. Devotion and Prayer: Start the day with a focus on spiritual values. Share prayer requests for you, your family, business, and other members of the group.
  2. Working “On” Your Business: A “best practice” session focusing on leadership and general management tools to help you improve your bottom line and more productively engage your team.
  3. Working “On” Your Business As a Ministry: Learn practical ways to run your business according to Biblical principles for the eternal benefit of your stakeholders.
  4. Core Presentation: An extended, in-depth overall analysis of your business with questions for and advice from your peers; one member presents each month.
  5. Open Table: Get Godly counsel on your immediate specific needs/issues from your Christian Board of Directors.
  6. Accountability To Your Group: What are you going to accomplish? Make a list of action steps (C12 To-Do Lists) you commit to take during the month based on the material presented. Report on last month’s “To-Do List.”
  7. Christian Business Coaching: Schedule a time to meet one-on-one with your Area Chair as a resource dedicated to your business and spiritual needs.

As you can see, a C12 meeting is more than a time of fellowship and camaraderie. It’s not an extended Bible study or para-church organization. The monthly meetings are an oasis for Christian business leaders who share common values and goals.


For C12 Group members, the monthly eight-hour process breaks down into the following elements:     




The simple discipline of exchanging relevant, objective input on our roles as leaders, spouses, parents and children of God is potent for breaking age-old habits and attaining new levels of excellence and fruitfulness.  


As you browse this website, prayerfully consider visiting a C12 meeting. There's no better way to appreciate the value and depth of the C12 offering except to witness it first-hand. 


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